Chelsea lead Premier League table race after their third win in a row?

In the current season, Manchester United and Chelsea are the main contenders for the title. Both teams are in good shape, and they have the chance to win the title in the long run.
The main goal of the Red Devils is to win gold medals. The team has a good lineup, and it is able to use all the advantages it has. The main competitors of the team are Tottenham and Arsenal, who are in the middle of the standings.
However, the main goal for the Gunners is to reach the Champions League zone. The club is in a difficult position, because it is not in the best shape. The players have to play well in the international arena, because they have a long way to go.

The latest results of the table of the Premier League are very interesting. Chelsea is in the lead of the fight for the champion title, but the Red devils are not going to give up. They are still ready to fight for gold medals, and the team is not going anywhere.
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Chelsea’s chances of winning the champion’ title
The team of Josep Guardiola is in good form, and this is a good thing for the club. The current season has been very successful for the team, and now it is in great shape.
In this season, the team has won the champion trophy for the third time in a line. The previous two championships were won by Manchester United. Chelsea has a long bench, which allows the coach to choose the best players for each match.
It is important for the coach of the club to choose a good line-up for each game. The lineup of the Blues is good, and all the players know their roles. The coach has a lot of options, and he can make the most of them.
Josep Guardiola has a very good lineup. The Red Devils have a good goalkeeper in Eden Hazard, who is able not only to save the ball, but also to make a good save. The Belgian is able make a great save, and if he manages to make it, the goalkeeper will be able to make one of the best saves of the season.
This is a great chance for the Chelsea to win a place in the Champions league zone. However, the Gunns have a lot to prove, because the team needs to fight in the Europa League.
Where can the team of Mourinho and Guardiola face the difficulties?
The current season is very difficult for the Red Devil’ squad, because many of its rivals are in a good shape. Tottenham and Liverpool are also in a better shape, but they are not in a position to fight with the Red team.
Manchester United is in even worse shape, because its players are not able to play in the Premier league. The season is not over yet, and Mourinho’ team will have a tough time.
There are a lot chances for the Blues to win, but it will be extremely difficult, because their rivals are very strong. The most important thing for Mourinho and his team is to finish the season in the top 4.
If the team does not do this, they will not be able win the champion’s title. The Champions League will be very difficult, and many teams will try to stop the Red from winning the title of the strongest league in the world.
What is the main advantage of the Chelsea over the rivals?
Of course, the Red is the favorite, but there are many teams who can compete with it. The Chelsea has the following advantages:
1. Long bench. The Blues have a very long bench. This allows the team to choose its best players.
2. Good lineup. Josep has a lineup that is able play in different positions.
3. Good goalkeeper. Eden Hazard is able save the game of the opponent.
Of all the teams, the Chelsea is the most likely to win. It has a great lineup, which is able use all its advantages. The Premier league table is very interesting, and you can always follow the latest information on fscores.
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