FIFA World Cup winning manager Quaresma joins Besiktas as head coach

Besiktasaray is one of the most successful clubs in the history of the Turkish championship. The club has won the title for the last seven consecutive years. The team is also considered one of Turkey’s best in the international arena. The coach of the team is former Manchester United and Ajax coach Quaresimao.
The team has been in the top-5 for a long time and has a lot of experience in the European arena. BesiktarBay is one the main contenders for the title. The upcoming season will be very important for the club. The main goal of the club is to win the title again.
Bektaşes’ fans have long been waiting for the appointment of a new head coach. The fans were hoping that the new coach will bring new ideas to the team. The new coach has already started to work with the team and it is already obvious that he will not repeat the mistakes of his predecessors.

Bakira is a football club from the city of the same name in the African continent. The squad of the football club is made up of professionals from all over the world. The players are well-known football players and football players from other countries.
In the last season, the team won the African championship for the second time in a row. The previous time, the club won the trophy in the season 2015-16. The success of the previous season was due to the work of the coach of Bakira, Fikru Diallo.
After the appointment, the new head of the Bakira football club, Fakiele Gebreab, has already managed to win gold medals in the national championship. He managed to do this by the end of the season.
Now, the fans of the African football are waiting for a new champion title. It is expected that the club will be able to win it again. The next season will also be very interesting for the fans because the club has a number of interesting transfers.
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The club is one step ahead of the competitors. The transfer of the new club coach has also been successful. The successful transfer of Fikiri Diallo has already been announced. The player will join the team as a goalkeeper.
He has already made a number one appearance for the team in the Champions League. The goalkeeper is a very good choice for the new team coach because he can play in the defensive line. The position of the goalkeeper is very important in the club’ football.
Fikiri is a young goalkeeper who has already played for the youth teams of several top clubs. He has already won a number 1 position in the youth championship. Fikie has a good chance of joining the main club of the country.
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The new club has been founded by the same people who have founded the club in the past. The football club has the same management as the previous club. This is another reason for the success of this team.
This season, BesiktaBay has a very interesting fight for the champion title and the gold medals. The first matches of this season have already shown that the team has a bright future. The performance of the players of the first team has already become noticeable.
At the end, the players have already won the champion’ title. This season, they have already managed a number 2 position. The following season, this position will be even more important.
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Results of matches in the domestic arena
The season of the domestic championship of Turkey has already ended. The clubs from the top division of the national league have already reached the final stage. The final match of the championship of the second division was held on November 29.
Among the main favorites of the final match, it is worth mentioning the following clubs: